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Fic search: Burned slave?

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a fic I've read about 10 years ago which just resurfaced in my brain! This is probably a long shot since so much time has passed, but I figured this community would be the best place to try to find it!

A new physician just moved to a city because the old physician died in a house fire. When he went to look around the burned house, he found a slave who was close to death, suffering from massive burns. Since he was the physician, he spent a lot of effort healing this slave, which became his personal slave. The slave initially was extremely afraid of this new physician because of how he was treated by his old master. But he slowly got better because he was treated with kindness. Part of the reason was that the new physician never interacted with slaves either due to laws where he was from or family beliefs.

There was a specific scene where the slave thought it was really strange that his new master asked to be referred to by his shortened name, making it sounding more slave-like. (the master didn't know this, because he wasn't from the area/country)

In this society, people were born with one specific type of gift. The people born with useful gifts like healing or fire or something like that got to be people with rights. But people born with useless skills (forgot what they were) ended up as slaves. It's almost impossible to have 2 skills simultaneously. But we find out towards the end of the story that the slave in question had an additional skill, fire, and that he was the (accidental) cause of the house fire because he was so angry at being abused by his old master. I think he ended up telling his new master that the fire was his fault, but didn't reveal that he had the additional fire magic.

There was another scene where the slave thought back to his training days, and had a conversation with another slave in-training about how they wish they were dead. So as the house was burning around him, he thought back to that slave, and hope that he was dead. 

There was also a Christmas short where on Christmas, the slave dreamt about a Christmas with his old master, and his old master sewed bells on him. Then he and his guests took turns ripping the bells off the slave's body. 

At the very end of this story, there were plans of getting the slave out of the city and into the area the physician was from. There was some implication of political issues because the physician had been assigned to this city by someone powerful (I think?). The story had a sequel in the form of an ebook. I think eventually the story itself also got turned into the ebook? I'm not really sure, and didn't get around to looking up the sequel either.

Thank you everyone in advance!


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