gorgon_lord wrote in slavefics

Does anyone have a story by sekkritbandlj?

It's a long shot, I know, but does anyone have access to Rehabilitation (Jon/Spencer, modern day slave!fic) by sekkritbandlj? The journal is now deleted and purged (sigh). The story was announced on anon-lovefest, a bandom anonymous porn meme, on 17 Jan 2010, but not posted there, dammit.

The prompt: Modern day slave!fic where bb!Spencer has spent most of his life either locked in a cage or in his owner's bed. When police raid his owner's house, the young intern Jon finds Spencer locked in his cage in a dark closet. Spencer is so frightened and confused that he's convinced it's all just a dream. Jon is afraid he'll never get Spencer to understand that he's free.

Response: Right so, this ended up being too long and I'm still working on it but here are the basics- http://sekkritbandlj.livejournal.com/621.html#cutid1

It might be the fic I've been looking for, but of course I don't really know. Any response welcome!


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