gorgon_lord wrote in slavefics

Looking for a fic

I'm looking for fiction that features a slave who needs to pass an obedience test, probably because he is on his last chance and will be put down or sent to hard labour if he doesn't conform. There is a story I hope to find but I'm keen to read anything with slave obedience exams.

The story I'm trying to find: slash, a kind master with, several slaves gets a new one who undergoes the exam, which is a regular exam every five years. The master reluctantly trains the slave and tries to gain his trust. At the end the slave has to pick up and hold an item that hurts, but I think it does not damage him. No idea of the fandom at all! (It <i>might</i> be RPS or Bandom, but I have no trust in this vague recollection.)



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