jen_odette (jen_odette) wrote in slavefics,

Hello all,

I really hope someone can help me with this, thought I know there isn't much to go on. I think it's an original fic, but it could be a fandom AU. In any case, it's set in a medieval, fantasy world. There are two friends, both nobles and I think with magic, who are travelling together. One of them somehow gets ownership of a slave (as payment for something, a gift?). The slave has a magical collar which forces obedience to his master. It slowly becomes clear that the friends are involved in some political intrigue. They at first are quite harsh, thinking that the slave is a spy sent to undermine them. But then the owner has to travel and leaves the slave with his friend, who works as a magical healer. The healer is quite kind to the slave and puts him to work helping in the clinic etc. The slave grows in confidence until one day the main owner comes back...

And that's all I can remember, I think it was a work-in-progress when I read it years ago. Perhaps somewhere on livejournal? If it rings a bell, I would be thrilled. I've been searching for what feels like forever. Thanks in advance!

Tags: fic search, male owner, male slave, original fiction

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