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Author: quill_lumos
Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Slavery, n/c, d/c, AU
Pairings:Snape/Harry, Draco, Ron/Hermione, etc,
Summary: Harry Potter has been missing since childhood, Voldemort is on the rise again, a young Tom Riddle was resurrected when the Chamber of Secrets was opened and a child died, the prophecy says that only The Chosen One can defeat him, but where is he?......
Disclaimer: Don't own it, if i did it would NOT be PG

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Chapter Ten.
Chapter Eleven.
Chapter Twelve.
Chapter Thirteen.
Chapter Fourteen.
Chapter Fifteen.

Chapter Sixteen

It was Farid’s third potions lesson, for the last six days he seemed to have done very well settling in. The Slytherins were still very wary of him, unsure as to whether befriending him would be of use to them or not. It had been established that Farid was Severus’ potions apprentice, but the teacher treated him with coldness whenever he saw him in their presence, and wasn’t that getting harder by the day Severus thought to himself?

Severus found it very hard to see Farid with the Gryffindors, they seemed to have taken him to their hearts like the sodding little heroes they were, give them someone they perceived as being some sort of victim and they went all protective and sweet. It did not help in Severus’ mind that Farid could read them so well, what for the boy had been a defense mechanism to keep him alive, certainly helped him here, as the Hufflepuffs were also absurdly protective too, they treated him like some sort of pet or mascot and oohhed and aahhed at all his efforts at just about everything. Even the Ravenclaws, cool-headed intellectuals that they were, had taken to Farid, as he was obviously very bright and would ask questions on just about every thing and anything.

Farid also seemed to have befriended Draco Malfoy. The silver haired boy had been ostracised for nearly two years now, ever since his father had been captured at The Ministry of Magic trying to retrieve the prophecy that was about Harry Potter and Voldemort. He had not succeeded though, but had instead been imprisoned, and another Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange, had ended up going though the veil, which was a one-way doorway to the afterlife. Narcissa had been devastated, but Severus had been quite pleased, he had never liked Bella who had been behaving in a way that was evermore insane. Severus was sure that had she lived she would have dragged her nephew before Voldemort by now, and had him initiated and given some impossible task to perform but with both her and Lucius missing Severus was sure that at last the boy had a chance to avoid following in their footsteps.

He had had to be careful around Draco, he was his godson, but Severus did not trust him well enough to let him know what side he was really on, neither though did he or Dumbledore want to see this powerful young wizard turn dark. He had been a very brattish child, and had displayed arrogance and a belief in his own supremacy for much of his school days, but with his father’s pernicious influence removed Draco had lost ground as the nominal leader of Slytherin and had spent the previous year isolated and alone. Even his unbeaten record as seeker for the Slytherin team did not seem to endear him to his housemates. Crabbe and Goyle his erstwhile companions had not made it to eighth year but had left in sixth and Theodore Nott now wore the hypothetical crown that had once been Draco’s. Severus determined that he would ask Farid that night how they had become so friendly, because Draco had taken to tagging around after the Gryffindors and after a little bit of jostling and glaring the small group surrounding Farid had simply decided to ignore him, and he had been absorbed into their midst along with his boy. Severus smiled wryly to himself wondering if they realised how much of a leader Farid was, and how skilfully he managed them.

But now his boy looked at him from across his own classroom and Severus just wanted to cross the floor and embrace him and nuzzle his face in Farid’s hair, but the story that he and Albus had put out only told some of the truth. There was no hiding what had happened to Farid, but they told no one about his training or the fact that he had been given to Severus, it was too dangerous Severus believed, for anyone to even suspect.

So in public Severus maintained his frosty demeanour towards him, and Farid played the game admirably keeping his face impassive whenever his master was around, and even allowing his eyes to go wide with a look of hurt surprise whenever Severus reprimanded him. Severus knew that it would take a lot more than the odd acerbic comment to bother the boy but he had had to reassure himself the first night that Farid was not actually really upset, so skilful had his wounded expression been. Farid had then hurried to tell Severus that his treatments and punishments had always been so much more severe than anything Severus was doing, even going so far as to detail some of them, so that that night in bed, Severus had found himself holding the peacefully sleeping man-child as tight as he could and allowing bitter tears of sorrow to fall for what had been done to the slave by the monsters who had held him captive for so long.

Farid stood now beside Hermione Granger, and Severus blessed her for the care she was taking of his boy. He had never liked the girl, thinking her all together too full of herself, but he had nevertheless called her into the potions room on the first morning of classes and told her that Farid was unable to read or write, he had asked he to tutor him and support him. He had been his usual cold sarcastic self, but he wondered if she had seen through his display as she looked at him shrewdly and promised that she would “Take care of Farid for you sir.”

“I don’t want you to take care of him Miss Granger, I merely want him kept out of my way, and to ensure that he manages in the class-room as Professor Dumbledore insists that he is able enough to attend!”

But she just smiled at him and assured him that Farid would be safe with her. Now and then she shot him curious looks as he went on with his business and he found it rather unnerving, he had no inkling why should find him so fascinating of late, so he snapped at her all the more and she just stared back at him steadily whenever he did so as if she were the keeper of some secret of which only she was aware.

Today they were making wound-cleaning potion and would move on to skele-gro later that month, this class, a mixture of NEWT level students were learning medicinal potions and Severus knew that Farid would have no problems with this particular potion as it had been one of the ones that they had first brewed together in the days before the students returned to school, and he also knew that Farid had an excellent memory and would remember the whole process for this particular potion. But the two students were working as a team, heads bent together, Hermione was reading out the potion ingredients whilst Farid found them and started to chop them carefully.

He couldn’t help but stare at the boy for a moment or two, watching the play of light against his milky brown skin and the way that strands of his hair always seemed to worm its way free of whatever Farid used to tie it back, he liked it more like this though, as whilst he had to admit there was something rather exotic and sexy about the plaits he had once worn, Severus preferred his hair like this, he loved running his fingers through its velvety softness and winding it round his hand when he made love to the boy. When Farid glanced up at him briefly and gave him the tiniest of smiles Severus realised that he had been staring too long and turned away to watch someone else instead.

Farid was just the tiniest bit worried, he watched his master scrutinise him and turn away and wished he could go up to him and give him a hug. Farid missed getting hugs whenever he needed them. He had never had such luxury in all of his life before but he truly felt his master had spoilt him now. Because Severus had never turned him away from comfort, not once, since they had been together. He seemed to Farid like a rock that he could cling to in a storm and he really wished he could go to him now. What Draco had just told him had worried him and he wanted to tell his master. But Farid would no more dream of disobeying Severus than he would fly to the moon. Master had told him to stay away unless they were in his quarters and befriend the other children and so that was what Farid did.

He had first found the blonde boy in the Quidditch shed crying to himself and hunched over a broom. Ron had been trying to instruct Farid on what Quidditch was all about and had spent many hours drawing pictures to illustrate how the game was played even taking him to the shed where the brooms were kept to let Farid see a real life broom. Farid had very vague memories of flying away from the werewolves but these memories were extremely fuzzy as he had been barely conscious at the time, but later Ron had realised that he had forgotten his transfiguration textbook having left it behind in the broom shed, Farid quick as he was when it came to matters of the flesh could see at once that Ron had wanted to spend the next hour or so snogging Hermione, smiled to himself and offered to fetch it for him.

Ron had been very grateful indeed and Farid had happily scampered off glad to leave his two new friends time to themselves, he really appreciated the way they looked after him as after the first night he had rarely been away from them during the day, they helped him with classes took him wherever he needed to go and generally took care of whatever he needed.

He did not know then what the blonde boy’s name had been but he did feel sorry for him, the boy seemed lost and lonely and Farid knew what that felt like, he also reminded Farid a bit of a boy who had shared his prison a few years ago for a short while, he had never found out what had happened to him but suspected that one of the vampires had killed him as he had heard his screams one night and then never seen him again. Farid had been unable to help him, but perhaps he could help this boy instead.

“Chello,” he said, “Cwhy dyou cry boy?” The other young man started at Farid’s words he obviously had not heard Farid come in, but he twisted his lips into a sneer and said,

“What business is it of yours, why do you care?”

So Farid told him, “Dyou remind me of other boy I knew, che was killed, chis name vas Rudy, dyou look a bit like chim I sink. I could not chelp chim, but help dyou may be?”

The other boy looked astonished “Oh,” he said and then all in a rush before he could lose his courage, “Were you really raped and held prisoner by vampires and rescued by Professor Snape?”

“Jes.” Said Farid

“Oh,” said the boy again.

Farid held out his hand and said, “My name is Farid, dyou vant to be my friend?”

“Draco Malfoy, how do you do?”

They shook hands and then Draco said sadly

“You can’t be friends with me, you are a Gryffindor and they hate me,” and then more quietly,” they all hate me; they broke my broom you know? Well the Gryffindors didn’t, I think it was some of the Slytherins.”

And he told Farid all about the previous two years, the way that his housemates had turned against him, the way that his father had been imprisoned and how much of his family fortunes had been confiscated and now he and his mother struggled to make ends meet sometimes these days. And how the broom, which had been destroyed, had been a gift from his father, years ago when he was in second year. When he had finished he turned to the smaller boy who was sitting beside him on the dusty floor of the shed, “ none of this sounds very bad after what you have been through in your life does it?”

But Farid smiled at him, sometimes after he had been fucked by one or other of his master’s friends or visitors Farid had had to listen to their tales of woe, how hard their lives had been, how much they were misunderstood, how they deserved much more than they had, he had become a good listener, it was part of his charm and he truly did feel sorry for Draco,

“My troubles, jo not make jours any less my friend,” He said, smiling at the blonde boy. “Can dyou show me jour broken broom?”

Draco had been cradling it, the sticks that had made up the once proud tail had been torn and snapped and the handle was broken in two, Farid took it gently and ran his hands over it once. The broken sticks rejoined and straightened themselves and then Farid placed the two broken bits of the handle together and the broom was instantly as good as new.

Draco’s eyes grew wide. “How did you do that?” He breathed

And Farid had smiled at him artlessly and said “Magic!”

It had been at least another day before his new friend joined with his friends of slightly longer standing though. They were reluctant to have him with them, but Farid had pleaded and begged and they had finally acquiesced, albeit slightly reluctantly. He liked the other students quite a lot, so it was no hardship to make them his friends and spend time with them. In fact it had been perhaps one of the most interesting weeks of Farid’s life so far. Farid had never been around young people before and he knew that they pitied him and even felt protective of him, his innocence of the world made him seem younger than his years and his height and lack of English skills merely enhanced that opinion Farid knew. But he also knew that not one of these bright-eyed happy children would survive longer than a week if Yusuf took them.

Farid did not think this out of egotism; he just knew his own capabilities very well he knew that he was a pragmatist, even if he did not know how to say the word, and a survivor with a large amount of inner strength. He had also been very poorly treated as a small child and he knew that in a strange way that had helped him survive the last ten years, he was very tough in many ways. But he had a very soft heart, and was always ready to listen to others, and it was this aspect of his character perhaps that had perhaps enabled him to seem as unaffected by his ordeal as he did, and maybe it was the sweetness in his character which drew others to him in the way that they were.

But most of the time he tried not to think about the past, he loved his master and took joy in every new day, Farid also loved this world and knew that he would rather die than go back to the old one, he would do almost anything that his master or Albus asked of him if they did not send him back, although Farid was not stupid and did not plan on telling the old wizard that. It truly seemed to him at least that for the first time in his entire life Farid Prince, also known as Harry Potter, at least to a strange silver wizard and a raggy old hat was happy at last.

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