Lucie (quill_lumos) wrote in slavefics,

Author: quill_lumos
Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Slavery, n/c, d/c, AU
Pairings:Snape/Harry, Draco, Ron/Hermione, etc,
Summary: Harry Potter has been missing since childhood, Voldemort is on the rise again, a young Tom Riddle was resurrected when the Chamber of Secrets was opened and a child died, the prophecy says that only The Chosen One can defeat him, but where is he?......
Disclaimer: Don't own it, if i did it would NOT be PG

Other chapters under the cut
Chapter Ten.
Chapter Eleven.
Chapter Twelve.
Chapter Thirteen.
Chapter Fourteen.

Chapter Fifteen

Farid still stood in the middle of the hall; he simply did not know what to do next. He was now in something called Gryffindor, he did not really understand it, even though it had been explained, it seemed to him that to put all these children in different houses like Albus had said might somehow make them enemies like Master Yusuf had been with rival clans. Master had a snake on the crest that he wore on his robe, so Farid thought that maybe Master had something to do with the house of the snake that the hat had mentioned and did not like lions whatever they were, but Farid hoped that his master was not cross with him, because it had not been his choice, his choice would have been to stay with Master.

But when anytime in his life had Farid ever been given a choice really? So he squared his shoulders and said quite loudly to the nearest child.

“Scuse me, vere do I go now?” The hall fell silent and everyone looked at him, if Farid had not had the heart of a lion as the hat had said, he would have, at this point run back to Master and hidden his face in his robes, but he was determined to do a good job and make Master proud, so he just schooled his face to remain calm and waited for assistance.

A girl with a mass of curly hair got up from a nearby table and walked over to him then, holding out her hand as she moved towards him.

“Hello,” she said “My name is Hermione Granger, I’m Head Girl, come and sit by me, in Gryffindor.”

Farid looked down at her hand, he was not sure what he was meant to do with it. Quite often Master had taken his hand when they were in a hurry, running from the werewolves or dashing to Dumbledore’s office the previous night. Maybe they had to hurry somewhere? So Farid took the hand and held on tight.

The girl looked a bit surprised, Farid thought that maybe this had been the wrong thing to do, but her hand was warm and soft, and he liked holding it, so he held on anyway. Slowly she led him to one of the four long tables, the one at which she had been seated just moments before and indicated that he should sit beside her.

Farid had never sat anywhere like this before, with all these other people, he was half tempted to go on his knees or curl up in a ball at someone’s feet but he knew this was the wrong thing to do, so instead he simply sat where he had been told, and waited to find out what he should do next. Everyone was staring and a boy with red hair was glaring at him, Farid wondered what he had done to upset the boy. So he smiled at him, he smiled at them all and said

“Chello my name is Farid!”

“We know, we heard Dumbledore” said a boy with sandy hair, “Sure are you not a bit old to be joining us, where have you been all these years?”

This comment elicited a snigger from some of the other boys at the table

But Farid could answer this one; Dumbledore had told him that it was okay to tell the others a bit about himself he had given him the words to use, and Farid knew that for some reason these children disliked him, he could read their opinions in their eyes, he was supposed to be friends with them though that’s what he had been told, so he carried on trying to befriend them as he had been instructed.

“I chave been with wampires in Kazakhstan, they rape me and keep me in cage for ten years, Professor Snape Siur che rescue me, Alboos Grey Beard say dyou would be my friends?” Farid said cheerfully

There was complete and utter silence, till after a moment the red haired boy stuttered,

“Ttthat’s a lie! Don’t say things like that!”

“M’sorry cwhat is lie?”

“What you just said, you are lying.”

But Albus had come up behind them at last, he had obviously decided that he should be helping Farid, Master had to distance himself in public as they had told him would be the case,

So Farid turned to the headmaster, his tardy ally and asked him in Kazakh what the word “lie” meant.

“It means that they think that you are not telling the truth Farid,” Albus said, astonishing the Gryffindors with his fluency in another language

“Which thing that I said do they think is a lie sir?” Farid asked, “the cage or the….” He paused for a moment and frowned he did not know the Kazakh word for rape, for as far as Farid and his masters had been concerned he had been a slave without the right to give or deny consent so had therefore never been 'raped' “….fucking, or Master, or that they would be my friends?”

Albus was used to the way that Farid expressed himself by now, so he merely turned to the Gryffindors who had been stunned back into complete silence – along with the majority of the Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs and even Slytherins, who had all been straining to hear what this strange new arrival had to say for himself and said.

“Farid asked, Mr Weasley what a lie was as he did not recognise the word in English and when I explained he asked me which part of his statement you thought was a lie, the cage or the rapes, the Professor’s rescue or the fact that I told him you would befriend him.

The red haired boy’s jaw dropped, “you mean he was telling the truth? About all of it?”

“Oh yes Mr Weasley, indeed he was.” The old man looked infinitely sad for a moment, he sighed deeply and continued “I am afraid that our Mr Prince has had a very hard time in his life, that is why I had hoped that you would be kind to him.”

Farid could not understand what had upset everyone so much, had he said the wrong thing? It was so difficult trying to be understood in another language, far harder than understanding it yourself. Farid thought he could follow most of what was being said now as long as people did not speak too fast. He almost always understood want Master wanted and he thought Master had a wonderful voice; it was rich and warm and made him tingle all the way to his toes.

But he knew that name Weasley, wasn’t that the name of the little girl who died in the place that Master and Albus had described? The one killed by the bad wizard Tom? Albus had said that she had a brother at the school. Even though Farid had never really known his family, he knew about brothers and sisters. When he had first been with the vampires he had even missed the Dursleys, because they were better than what had happened to him at the hands of Yusuf, and he knew what family was about because he had seen the Dursleys together, and other families when he was small, children at school had had brothers and sisters, who had liked each other and fought sometimes and he had wished that he and Dudley had been like that. Families loved each other and missed each other when they were apart.

So he met the horrified gaze of the boy with the red hair and said “I cham sorry that dyou lose jour sister to evil vizard, dyou moost be very sad?” And tentatively, because he was not sure if it was right or not he held out his hand towards the boy.

The eyes of the other boy filled with tears for a moment, and he looked at Farid with the saddest look on his face, before taking his hand and shaking it firmly once.

Farid’s face broke into a smile, so that was what you did if someone held out their hand you didn’t hold it like he had with the curly girl, you moved it up and down, just once.

So still beaming at everyone Farid held out his hand to each of the stunned Gryffindors and they in turn took hold of his hand and shook it in return. Mostly giving him their names at the same time.

Farid was delighted, he was getting the hang of this making friends business he thought, but he knew he should thank the headmaster so he turned and said, in his best English

“Sank dyou Alboos Grey Beard I sink we is all friends now, jes?”

“Yes my boy,” Albus said with tears in his eyes “I think you are,” and he fixed his gaze on several of the young people sitting around the table, all of who could not quite meet it.

As Dumbledore moved away Farid thought now was the time to practice his manners that Master had been so careful to teach him.

“Scuse me?” He said to the boy he thought was called Nev ill “vould you pass ze zalt pleas?”

Neville picked up the condiment nearest to him and tentatively passed it across the table, “is it true?” He whispered, “that you were kept in a cage,”

Farid was already tucking into some nice crunchy orange things that he thought he had once before with master, Master had said they were called carrots.

He knew it was bad to speak when your mouth was full because master had told him it was so he looked at the boy and merely nodded.

“That is so awful,” the girl named Hermione commented “poor you.”

Farid had finished his carrots by now so he just turned to her and said

“Oh no ze cage vas not so bad! It vas the beating and the fucking zat hurt mooch,” and he wondered why the boy called Nev ill seemed to be choking on the food that he had just put in his mouth.

When the meal was finished Master came for him and Farid was delighted to see him, even if he did look a bit cross, Farid thought that Master was pretending not to like him in public, like he had said he would do, so he was careful to keep his eyes lowered, but he peeked at his new friends and gave them a smile as he left behind Master. Hermione, smiled back and waggled her hand at him, so he waggled his in return, and then had to practically run to keep up with Master, but he didn’t mind because he had done everything Master had asked him to do and he hoped that he was pleased with Farid.

Severus felt, disgruntled, cross and disgruntled. Farid was a dratted Gryffindor! Of course Severus was not that surprised, after all was that not where “The brave of heart” were meant to dwell and there was no denying that Farid was incredibly brave. Severus had felt such pity, mingled with pride for the boy when he had been standing small and all alone in the centre of the Great Hall obviously wondering where he should go next, he had been immensely grateful to Miss Granger for coming to get him, she had confirmed his tentative decision to ask her to tutor Farid in reading.

But for a moment there Severus had been worried. The Gryffindors had seemed quite hostile towards Farid and Severus had had to kick Albus under the table in order to gain his attention to send him to the rescue. He had not been able to hear what was being said from this distance, but judging from the shocked looks on the faces of the Gryffindors and knowing how candid his boy could be, Severus could make a shrewd guess.

By the time they had left for the evening though he thought Farid had truly begun to win them over. Even Weasley, whom Severus found to be a most obnoxious boy seemed to have softened towards him, and Severus wondered what Farid might have said to win him over. The Weasley of first and second year had been a bouncy rather wayward child, but the death of his little sister had, unsurprisingly sobered him considerably and much of the time now he was somewhat surely Severus thought. But he had smiled at Farid when the boy had returned Hermione’s wave and Severus thought that that might be a good sign for Farid’s future acceptance amongst his fellow housemates.

But Gryffindor, for Merlin’s sake was he doomed to fall for bloody Gryffindors for the rest of his days? He could not help but feel a bit grumpy, he was not pleased with himself, he knew he should try to conquer his emotions because he did not want Farid to witness his resentment, but he could feel it bubbling away below the surface, he had just hated Gryffindors for so long, that it had almost become a habit, ever since, well ever since James, as they walked towards the dungeons where Severus rooms were he could feel his mood darken and he just hoped he would not snap at his boy.

But no sooner had he shut the door than he had an armful of naked, elated slave. Somewhere between jumping from the ground and landing in Severus arms with his legs wrapped around Severus’ waist and his hands linked behind Severus neck, Farid had vanished all his clothing. This was the sort of casual magic which thrilled him most about the boy, and the fact that he had given all of himself so freely to Severus.

He was kissing him passionately on his nose and his forehead he was so excited that Severus could just not be angry with him, though he might want to.

“Masteerr! Farid did good? Jes? Did good, jes?”

Severus could not help chuckling at the boy’s exuberance

But Farid was looking at him quizzically, with his head on one side in that endearing way of his.

“Masteerr, cwhat is house of ze snake? Ze hat said I vould do vell zere?”

Severus was serious again for a moment, that is my house Farid the house of which I am in charge of. The hat said you would do well there?

“Jes, but ze hat said I chad the heart of a lion, cwhat is lion Masteerr?”

Severus felt desperately sad for a moment, when Farid asked such things it truly brought it home to him just how awful a time Farid had had in his life, he did not know what a lion was? He looked at his boy tenderly, “I think I have a book we can look at love,” he said, and he carried Farid through to the bedroom where he deposited him on the bed, returning almost immediately with a book of animals that he had had as a child, and he and Farid sat there for quite a while just looking through the pages whilst Farid laughed uproariously at some of the animals that he did not recall seeing before. And he had read to the boy about lions even trying out a roar, just to demonstrate what lions might sound like and then he had let himself be seduced by a playful Farid, who pretended to be a lion and eat him all up.

Later as he lay in bed with the young man wrapped around him he realised that he had been played by an expert, manipulated into acceptance of the hat’s choice for the boy by a very skilled professional, he would always think of lions with enormous affection from now on, such fun had he and Farid had and as he held his lionhearted boy in his arms he could not help but think that Farid might well have the heart of a bold Gryffindor, but he had the soul of a true Slytherin.

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