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Author: quill_lumos
Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Slavery, n/c, d/c, AU
Pairings:Snape/Harry, Draco, Ron/Hermione, etc,
Summary: Harry Potter has been missing since childhood, Voldemort is on the rise again, a young Tom Riddle was resurrected when the Chamber of Secrets was opened and a child died, the prophecy says that only The Chosen One can defeat him, but where is he?......
Disclaimer: Don't own it, if i did it would NOT be PG

Other chapters under the cut
Chapter Ten.
Chapter Eleven.

Chapter Twelve

Severus awoke with a start. He had to get Farid to Ollivander’s for four thirty to get him a wand, he cast tempus and saw that it was ten past two already. Albus still did not quite believe Severus when he kept telling the headmaster how magically powerful the boy was, so perhaps a wand would convince him? He had done a scan the morning after their arrival and found that Farid’s levels of magic seemed to be very low, barely more than squib level. But Severus knew that this was not so. He had never in all his years of teaching seen anyone even half as magically gifted as Farid, anyone who had near as much power, Farid however had learned to hide his magic, from his uncle, from the vampires, from everyone and did not seem to intend to let anyone else in on the secret just yet.

But Severus could not help feeling a little disgruntled that Albus would not believe him. The headmaster had told him that the instruments he had used to test Farid could not be fooled; they were incorruptible, always correct. He suggested that what had happened in the forest when the werewolves had attacked was a freak event, that his and Farid’s magic had somehow combined at a time of extreme peril but Severus knew that that was not the case.

There had of course been last night when the young man had been dreaming and just for a moment or two his magic had flown out of control, Severus had felt the sheer power radiating off him, power which Severus firmly suspected was growing stronger with every passing day. To Severus last night’s events had been proof enough.

But he also remembered how the boy had vanished their breakfast tray that time in the inn, or other tiny incidents that he had seen when Farid had not been concentrating. The time that all of Severus’ potion instruments had been returned to their places cleaned and prepared for the next day or the occasion when Severus had been holding a fully clothed boy in his arms one minute and within seconds of initiating a kiss found himself with a lap full of naked slave.

It was perhaps the way that Farid used powerful magic with such casualness that truly impressed Severus most but of course he also knew that while Farid had let his guard down with him, he was quietly hiding from the rest of the world. Still it did irk him somewhat that Albus would rather believe a collection of battered instruments over Severus’ testimony however reliable they had been in the past.

Severus was determined that he would teach Farid, and one day Albus would see the truth and then he would be sorry! He was aware how childish he sounded, but he couldn’t help himself. He had always loved and admired Albus, but he strongly suspected that sometimes, Albus did not think a great deal of him, he often assumed that Severus was in the wrong and indeed had not even believed him about Farid until the boy confirmed that what he had told Albus about finding him was true, and it hurt damn it! It hurt that Albus automatically assumed the worst of Severus and Severus always had to prove himself. Severus had been risking his life for years as a spy, desperately trying to make Albus proud of him and that dreadful Sirius Black had just come waltzing back when he was proved innocent to praise and accolades and acclaim.

Everyone had been astonished when Hermione Granger’s cat had caught the pet rat of one of the Weasley boys. The cat was part kneazle apparently and had suspected something wrong with the boy’s pet. It had pursued it all year until finally catching it, in The Great Hall, just before dinner, one wet Wednesday evening, in front of the whole school. The rat had been an unregistered animagus and had been forced to transform back into his human form or be eaten. So when Peter Pettigrew who was supposed to have died twelve years previously trying to capture Black who had widely been suspected of causing the death of the Potters had suddenly appeared everyone had been stunned. Black had been released from Askaban, given a public apology and been a staunch supporter of Albus in his search for the missing Potter child ever since.

But Severus still hated him; he hated the way that all the misery in his life, all the unhappiness had come down to the behaviour of one or the other of The Marauders and he thought to himself that he still hated James most, because whilst he and Black were natural rivals, he had admired James and wanted to be his friend, and later, why later he had wanted something else. But Potter had never even looked at him, greasy spotty teenager as he had been, whereas James with his artfully messy hair and flawless complexion had been pursued by half the school until finally allowing himself to be caught by the gorgeous Lily Evans.

When those two had gotten together all of Severus’ hopes and dreams had shattered. He had loved Lily as a friend, she had been one of the few at school who had been kind to Severus, he had known that he was a particularly unattractive personality, but Lily had not seemed to mind, she had been loving and kind and a good friend to him. But when she had started going out with James Severus had been unable to forgive her, he had snubbed her and ignored her, finally joining Voldemort in a search for revenge. By the time that Severus had realised how twisted and evil Voldemort really was Lily would no longer have anything to do with him and just a few short years later both she and James were dead.

And now their child was coming to Hogwarts and Severus did not know what he felt anymore.

Then the boy that he still held tight in his arms moved a little in his sleep and Severus felt his heart lurch with love. He looked down at his beloved Farid, the only person apart from his mother who had ever truly loved him who had only a few short hours ago insisted that he loved him so much that he wanted to belong to him for always.

He trailed his hand gently over the collar, which the boy wore. He had fixed it on him in the heat of passion, the first time that the slave had actually worn it, Severus had needed to mark him as his, needed to know that somewhere in this wide world, some one belonged to him and him alone. Then his hand trailed down to the rings that still pierced the young man’s nipples and he gently tugged at one causing Farid to sigh gently in his sleep.

These were the only piercings that Severus had left in the boy; he had removed the one in his tongue and the large rings that had been in his cock and balls. But the nipple rings Severus thought beautiful and they made Farid so sensitive there, so much fun to play with, to idly twiddle with his forefinger and thumb. He looked at the young man’s face again now, and saw that tears had dried on his cheeks and Severus felt guilty, he must have frightened the boy he thought, with his anger, with the rough way he had used him, and he lent over to place a tender kiss on the slightly parted lips.

And Farid awoke.

“Masteerr! He breathed, “How may this slave seerrve dyou Masteerr?” But Severus just placed a finger gently on the boy’s lips, he wondered how long it would be before Farid would awake without asking that question, it, like so many of his other submissive behaviours seemed innate now. The way that the slave’s body was always open to him in sleep if he were anywhere near him, and Farid’s arms were always raised above his head with the wrists crossed, just as if they had been tied, when Severus began to make love to him, he always had to give the boy permission to touch him. If Farid slept alone, he curled into a ball with his wrists and ankles held close to each other as if chained together and when Severus had asked he had been told that this was how Farid had slept when he was alone in the golden cage that Master Yusuf had kept in the corner of his room.

Part of Severus was overcome with sadness when Farid casually described the training he had undergone, without ire or resentment, just as fact. But another part of Severus, the part he did not like to think about was thrilled and aroused by Farid. To have this beautiful boy, freely available whenever he wanted him, willing, open to anything and so well trained, how could he, Slytherin as he was, not enjoy such temptations when they were offered?

But he had vowed to always treasure this unexpected gift and treat him kindly.

“It’s time to get up Dear One,” He said gently smiling down as his boy. “We have to get you a wand today, because classes start tomorrow.”

He watched a frown crease Farid’s brow, “Do we chave to go to chops Masteerr?” Farid asked gazing up at him through those chocolate eyes of his, his neat white teeth worrying his plump lower lip. Severus wanted to be the one chewing on, kissing and licking that gorgeous mouth but he restrained himself. They had to dress, to eat and Severus had to make sure that Farid was able to pronounce Ollivander’s name correctly as Severus had made an appointment with the wand maker, who had promised to close the shop just for them, Severus did not want a repeat of the previous shopping trip that they had undertaken. So this time they would be arriving by floo and Severus wanted Farid to be word perfect, he shuddered at the thought of losing him somewhere in the network.

And Severus had lay beside his slave, thinking, pondering, too long, and now if they did not hurry, they would be late. Severus sent Farid to wash and dress and he removed the boy’s collar promising that if he were good, he would put it back on him later, they ate quickly and with barely a moment to spare stood by the fireplace ready to floo.

He showed Farid what he needed to do and arrived at Ollivander’s exactly on time, stepping out of the fireplace elegantly as he always did he was seconds later nearly propelled off his feet by a staggering, stumbling Farid who landed beside his master right at the feet of the proprietor in a coughing, spluttering heap.

Ollivander looked down at the boy, seemingly completely unfazed by what had just happened. “Ah, Professor Snape, “ he said, "mahogany and unicorn tail hair, 11 inches, pliable wand good for transfiguration and potions hmmm? So this is your new protégée, Oh yes, I can see why you are so taken with him, not only is he very pretty but the magic is very powerful in him is it not, to have the floo spit him out like that? ”

Severus felt vindicated. He wished that Albus were beside him right now so that he could turn and say, “see Albus, I told you so!” But Albus was not here so instead he helped Farid to his feet and introduced him to the wand maker. “Mr Ollivander, this is my new apprentice Farid….eh… Prince, Farid Prince.”

“How do you do, Mr Prince, how unusual that you share the same surname as the Professor’s mother.” He peered shrewdly at Severus who blushed, God he had not blushed since he was a very young man indeed, but now that Farid was in his life he seemed to blushing like a naughty schoolboy all the time.

But Farid was greeting the shop owner politely, graciously just as Severus had taught him.

“Chow do dyou do Sirr? I cham pleas to meet dyou.”

“Pleased to meet you too young man, tell me where that interesting accent comes from?”

And they were away, Ollivander chatting to Severus’ new apprentice and pulling wand after wand from his well stocked shelves searching for the perfect one for this boy, and getting more excited by the minute as the wand proved ever more elusive.

Severus let his mind wander thinking about the next day when the students would return, how he and Farid would cope and how often he would manage to get the slave entirely to himself, then he looked up and saw Rudolphus Lestrange at the door, trying the handle. Severus panicked. He had not yet told Voldemort about his acquisition and did not want the evil one finding out from anyone but himself. So telling Farid to stay with Ollivander he rushed outside to try to stave off what could be disaster.

Farid looked at his master’s departing back in confusion, but this is where he had been told to stay, so stay he would. He looked back at the strange silver man who had tried so unsuccessfully to probe his mind. But Farid was far too experienced to let anyone read his thoughts if he did not want them too, and he could see this Ollivander was intrigued by him.

“Hmmm,” He said, “You are magically very powerful; perhaps the most powerful wizard I have ever seen. In all my years of wand making I have only ever come across one wizard that even remotely approached your level of ability. I wonder? Yes, I think it might just work!” Grabbing a very dusty box from a high shelf he took the wand it contained out and placed it in Farid’s right hand, and suddenly as if from nowhere a shower of red and golden sparks rained down on them.

“Oh, yes.” Ollivander chuckled, “My dear yes!!” He turned his head to one side and narrowed his eyes, peering closely at Farid. “I think we are hiding, aren’t we my dear child? Now why would you want to do that? That’s what took me so long you know finding your wand, your glamour. It is very powerful, very strong but I see now who you are, oh yes.”

Farid felt his blood run cold, this man knew, knew who he was would he tell? Would Farid be safe? What on earth was he going to do?

“Don’t worry dear child, your secret is safe with me. It is just very remarkable, don’t you think? This wand is Holly 11 inches; it has a phoenix feather at its core, it is very strange that the phoenix whose tail feather is in your wand, gave another feather – just one other. It is very curious indeed Mr Potter that you should be destined for this wand when its brother – why its brother gave you that scar.”*

Farid was trembling now, this man knew, he knew who Farid really was but how could he. How could he when Farid himself had only found out earlier that day, now he would tell Master and Dumbledore and they would hate him and send him back, and Farid knew that now that he was away from Yusuf he would rather die than return to the way things had been.

But the wand maker was smiling at him in a way that was almost kindly, “Do not worry Mr Potter,” He purred, “I will not tell anyone what I know, but just remember my boy you have been marked by destiny and there is no escaping such a mark not ever. One day soon you must stand up and embrace it or it will destroy you, eradicate you completely.”

And Farid panicked, he turned and he ran, straight into the arms of his master who had just that second come through the door. Master nodded politely at the wand maker, asked him to send on the bill and then grabbing Farid and holding him tight jumped into the floo and shouted in a loud clear voice “Hogwarts!”

* Taken from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, UK edition pp 65
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