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Author: quill_lumos
Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Slavery, n/c, d/c, AU
Pairings:Snape/Harry, Draco, Ron/Hermione, etc,
Summary: Harry Potter has been missing since childhood, Voldemort is on the rise again, a young Tom Riddle was resurrected when the Chamber of Secrets was opened and a child died, the prophecy says that only The Chosen One can defeat him, but where is he?......
Disclaimer: Don't own it, if i did it would NOT be PG

Chapter Nine, all other chapters under the cut!

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Chapter Two.
Chapter Three.
Chapter Four.
Chapter Five.
Chapter Six.
Chapter Seven.
Chapter Eight.

Chapter Nine

Severus stood at the foot of the moving stone staircase, snarling out the names of every sweet he could think of at the impassive gargoyle which guarded the entrance to Albus’s office. Farid was standing as close to his Master as he could physically get without actually being inside his clothing with him. He had inserted his hand into the larger one of his master as soon as they had arrived in Diagon Alley and had scarcely removed it since, not surprising really, there had been more people shopping that morning that Farid had probably seen in his whole life and not a few of them were staring hard at him, this new boy clinging to the hated Hogwarts potions professor.

Severus could see things from Farid’s point of view, he really could. The boy was completely overwhelmed, he was very brave, and very strong, Severus had discovered that in the last few days, but nothing had prepared him for today’s experiences, mind you nothing had really prepared Severus either!

He wondered if he would ever be able to go back to Flourish and Blotts after scolding Farid for touching a rare volume the boy had prostrated himself begging his master’s forgiveness. It was here of course that Severus discovered that the boy could not read. It was obvious if you thought about it really, where on earth would he have learned? Yusuf was hardly going to break off fucking him to teach him his ABC, especially not in English, but that was something else that would need to be added to the list, (which was becoming longer by the day) of things that Farid needed to know to aid socialisation.

He also cringed inwardly when he thought of how Farid had been in Madam Malkin’s, after Snape had taken him in to be measured. The assistant had asked him to remove the cloak that Severus had dressed him in and he had, but he had not stopped there, before Severus was able to prevent him he was nearly naked, exposing his nipple rings and the love bites that decorated his skin, oh and of course the still fading welts from his two day old beating. Realising that he had once again upset his master he had thrown himself nude at his master’s feet and begged forgiveness, Severus wondered where he was going to buy his robes from now, as he liked Madam Malkin’s, he just didn’t think he could ever return.

And Severus was not the most patient of men, so he had continually snapped at his slave whenever he did something wrong, like kneeling beside him when he collected his potions ingredients, or licking the ice cream off his master’s fingers at Fortescue’s’. Then of course there was the whole language issue, in fact the only time that things had been even slightly right between them all day was when Severus took them into a little shop off Knockturn Alley that sold toys and Severus had chosen a selection of items to try out later, including a blue soft leather collar added to his purchases after he had seen Farid stroking it wistfully with a rather lost look on his face. But even here Severus had had to put up with the oily lasciviousness of the shop’s leering proprietor, who had run his hand over Farid’s once again firmly trouser clad arse and made several suggestive comments about what a lucky wizard he was and how he might like to reduce his bill by payment in kind.

Right at this moment poor Farid seemed to be getting more and more confused and he seemed to be dealing with this confusion by shutting down. The boy that was standing beside Severus now was practically fucking catatonic and had barely even noticed the delights that Hogwarts had to offer.

For a moment Severus heartily wished that he had just said, “thanks but no thanks,” to Yusuf’s offer of a willing boy to warm his bed. Then he turned slightly to look at the slave and he felt overcome with pity. The poor child really had tried so hard today. He was standing now with his head down and his eyes staring sadly at the floor and those even white teeth of his were busy worrying his bottom lip, a sure sign of anxiety so Severus had learned. So he gently squeezed Farid’s hand and reached up to stroke the thick dark hair that they had tied back into a single plait to try to contain its exuberance.

Turning back to the gargoyle, Severus was rapidly running out of sweets when he finally muttered Polo Mints under his breath, and watched half glad, half disappointed when the creature spring into life and the stone staircase began to move at last.

Severus stomach felt like it was about to drop into his boots, he had dreaded this moment all day that was probably one of the things that had made him so snappy with Farid. How the fuck was he going to tell his mentor, the only man he had ever truly respected, about Farid. But there was no more time to think about it, he saw his own hand knocking at the headmaster’s door, and the kindly old voice saying “enter” and a moment later he was sitting on the comfortable chair in Albus’ office whilst Farid stood trembling beside him.

It all seemed totally unreal to Severus but the time had finally come to tell Albus and hope that he was able to help him with the dilemma in which he found himself.

“My boy, welcome! It’s so good to see you home safe. And who is this that you have brought with you?”

Severus opened his mouth to reply, but he could feel the boy standing beside him begin to tremble harder and Severus knew that whatever Albus thought of him he had promised faithfully to look after this poor damaged creature, so he gently tugged on Farid’s hand which was still clutching his master as if his life depended on it and tapped his knee and seconds later he had a lapful of exhausted slave and a dark head tucked into his neck, soaking his shirt with tears.

And whatever was to come in the interview Severus Snape had the pleasure of being the first person in about forty years to so surprise the headmaster that his eyebrows nearly reached his hairline.

“Severus,” he said in frank astonishment “What haveyou done now?”

And Severus Snape, spy, most hated teacher at Hogwarts for the last twelve years straight and all round snarky git, blushed a deep scarlet to the very tips of his ears.

So he explained, about helping the master vampire and being sent a boy, this boy, as a thank you and then he went on to explain about the lust potion and his own rather cruel behaviour, he explained about the slavery and Farid’s apparent devotion to him and finally he started to explain about Farid’s magic, but here Dumbledore stopped him.

“Thank you Severus, that will do I think.” He said rather coldly but I am not surprised that he is magical, he would have to be to survive, even if they gave him their blood, which I assume they did, a muggle child would have died by now I think in Yusuf’s ownership, You say he is eighteen? He looks to be about only fourteen to me? And he has very little English hmm? Must make communication, a bit of a trial!”

And the it was Severus’ turn to be surprised as the old man got up from his desk and quickly conjured a chair which he placed beside Severus’. Then he gently placed a wizened old hand on Farid’s back and addressed the boy in rapid Kazakh.

When Farid heard the familiar language being spoken he nearly fainted with relief, he had tried so hard today to please his master, but all the time Master had been cross with him. And all those people! Farid had not known where to look first.

That big group of people who all had red hair that had stared at him and laughed when he had tried to apologise to Master in the bookshop, and the woman who had rushed them from the shop that sold robes, the man who had groped his arse he could deal with, but that one seemed to make his master especially cross, and he wondered if maybe this master was not going to share him around like the other one did.

Then they had come in here, to this room full of the magical things that hurt his head with the power that they radiated and Farid had thought that Master was going to give him to the old man, and Farid was worried because he had never had to pleasure anyone as aged as the grey bearded one before, and what if he got it wrong?

But the old man was speaking and he knew it was very bad not to listen so he peeked out from where he had buried his face in his master’s robes and his large brown eyes met kindly blue ones and Farid thought that maybe it would be alright and he could do whatever his master wanted him to.

“Hello little one, my name is Albus, what is yours?”

The accent was strange, a little clipped and stilted, but Farid could understand him so well and he was delighted, he did not mind what the old wizard wanted to do as long as he would talk to him sometimes. Today he had felt so lost, so frightened on occasion that he almost wished himself back in the vampire stronghold, they were cruel, they did hurt him more than Master ever had, but at least everything was familiar there.

So he answered the wizard as best he could, whilst all the while wondering what he would be asked to do.

“Hello Sir, my name is Farid, how may I serve you, do you want to fuck me? I am a good fuck Sir”

The old wizard’s eyes filled with tears for a moment, and then he continued

“You don’t need to serve me Farid, you don’t need to worry about that here,” and at the boy’s puzzled look, “you just stay with Severus, no one else child, no one else can touch you unless you want them to, there is no slavery here, no man can own another.

Do you know how old you are?”

Farid was confused, what did it mean no slavery? There were slaves everywhere weren’t there? But he answered the question, he would find out more about slaves later he was sure

“I think I do. I lived with my uncle until I was eight because I was the same age as my cousin and he was eight and then Master Yusuf rescued me and then I lived with Master Yusuf for ten summers.”

The old man nodded and then continued. “How did you come to be with Severus?”

At this Farid smiled he could answer that.

“The potion, the lust potion, it made him claim me, it made him fuck me hard. But then he was sorry and he was so kind to me and he kisses me and he doesn’t fuck me hard Sir, he took me from the beatings and the hard fucking I love him Sir, he is wonderful!”

But then he looked a bit forlorn

“But today Master was a bit cross, I am a bad slave but I don’t know how to make it better, can you tell me Sir, what have I done wrong?”

Farid had upset the old wizard somehow because the tears that had been sparkling in his eyes were now running freely down his cheeks,

But he smiled at Farid, through his tears and said, “We will talk about this soon child, your master is not angry with you, he is very fond of you I think, but I believe you could do with some peace and quiet and some sleep now, hmm? Oh and call me Albus.”

Farid knew that the old wizard was right he was more tired than he had ever been in his entire life. So he smiled at him and said in his best English

“Sank dyou, Alboos Sir,”

He stopped listening, but instead snuggled back into the strong warm chest of Master and gently dozed.

Severus had listened to the conversation with growing frustration. He wanted to know what his slave was saying about him, he wanted to know whether Albus was about to tell him to pack his bags and ask him to never return.

But just then Albus turned to him and Farid cuddled back into his master’s arms “It seems like I owe you an apology Severus. The boy says he is eighteen, and he seems devoted to you, but he is very confused, he thinks that you are angry with him, and he thought that…..” Here Dumbledore stopped for a moment and another tear ran down his cheek, “He thought that he was here to ‘serve me’ Severus,” he said suddenly looking every one of his hundred and fifty years.

“He is very fragile I think, we will have to look after him.” Then looking directly at Severus with steel blue eyes, “You will have to look after him Severus, he might do you good! You will have to try and moderate that irascible nature of yours he already thinks he was ‘a bad slave’ today.”

Severus felt rather guilty at that so he muttered about language problems and busy shops,

But Albus continued, “I think you should get him to bed now, he is obviously very tired, he also seems very fragile, we will need to treat him with such care.”

Severus almost opened his mouth then to tell the headmaster how incredibly strong Farid was, how he had held off werewolves, survived horrendous torture, how powerful he was. But he realised that right now it would do no good, the headmaster looked exhausted himself and very, very subdued. So he lifted the sleeping boy into his arms and prepared to carry him to bed and as he started to leave the office Albus said sadly

“What have we come to Severus, when we have to try to deal with the sort of people who could do this to a child? Damn this wretched war!
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