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Author: quill_lumos
Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Slavery, n/c, d/c, AU
Pairings:Snape/Harry, Draco, Ron/Hermione, etc,
Summary: Harry Potter has been missing since childhood, Voldemort is on the rise again, a young Tom Riddle was resurrected when the Chamber of Secrets was opened and a child died, the prophecy says that only The Chosen One can defeat him, but where is he?......
Disclaimer: Don't own it, if i did it would NOT be PG

Five new chapters since I posted last, links to earlier chapters are under the cut.

Chapter One.
Chapter Two.
Chapter Three.
Chapter Four.
Chapter Five.
Chapter Six.
Chapter Seven.

Chapter Eight

Severus prepared to die. He knew that the werewolves gathering around them now would not be interested in him; he was older, ugly and a singularly unattractive prospect. But Farid, Farid on the other hand was a very delectable morsel. Severus knew that he would die to protect his slave, but he also knew that with the odds so stacked against them, even his death would not be enough.

He removed the rucksack that he had been carrying and dropped it to the ground beside him then he gently shoved his boy behind him, needing to feel him close and preparing to fight the oncoming onslaught he drew his wand. He would kill as many of them as he could and then he would turn the wand on Farid, a quick Avada Kedavra and Farid would know no more, there would be no time for him to do the same for himself and Severus would be torn to pieces but he would endure such a dreadful death if it were the only way to protect his beloved slave.

The werewolves were coming ever closer moving forward through the bushes around them, muscles rippling under distorted skin, growling, salivating at the prospect of this unexpected meal. They were horrifying. Severus had had a fear of werewolves ever since school when he had almost died at the teeth of Remus Lupin, set up for disaster by that vicious bully Sirius Black. It was therefore ironic, that after finally finding someone he cared about after all these years that he was to die at the claws and teeth of the beasts that he loathed above all others.

One of the werewolves drew back his lips in a hideous snarl and prepared to charge, then at once all of them were bounding from the bushes ready to kill, to rip, to destroy and Severus braced himself for the unimaginable agony that was to come.

But instead they hit some sort of barrier, like bouncing off glass and were thrown clear unable to reach the two men who stood defenceless before them.

Severus was astonished, for at about a ten-foot radius, surrounding them on all sides there was some sort of shield. When the werewolves had rushed forward he had seen a flash of blue as they were repelled, and now that he knew that it was there he could see it gleaming occasionally in the moonlight. An impenetrable barrier almost as if they were in the centre of a giant snow globe which strong and unbreakable, surrounded them.

They kept trying though, they were throwing themselves at it clawing at it frantically, snarling, whining like beaten dogs determined to reach their prey on the other side. Severus turned to Farid, to see how his slave was reacting, but Farid stood rigidly, head lowered eyes tight shut, fists clenched, his hair swirling around him almost as if being blown by a gentle breeze, but there was no wind at all in this forest tonight, and the breeze was a magical one. Somehow the shield was being generated, created by Farid.

The boy was no muggle Severus realised, in wonder, in fact he had to be the most powerful wizard who ever lived because what he was doing could not happen, magical shields stopped only magic, nothing else. This boy, this child had wandlessly conjured a barrier that was protecting them from the werewolves, and that was nothing less than impossible.

Severus was stunned, unable to move, unable to react, until Farid lifted his head and looked at his master directly eye to eye. His teeth were clenched and he was starting to tremble with the sheer effort of what he was doing.

“Please, Master, cannot……it churt…must stop…please”

The trembling was growing worse and Severus knew he had to act quickly. He grabbed the rucksack and tipped it upside down, finding the broom buried at the bottom of it. He waved his wand and rapidly unshrunk it thrusting out his right hand he said clearly and distinctly “up.” It leapt from the forest floor straight into Severus’ hand and Severus quickly scrambled astride it, grabbing Farid to him he angled the front of the broom at the clear summer sky above them. Holding his slave tight he kicked off from the ground as just as Farid’s trembling grew out of control and his eyes closed as he lost conciousness and the barrier dissolved, but he and the boy were out of reach of the beasts below and they soared to safety and the moon and stars above.

They had flown for at least an hour before Severus spotted the lights of a village below them, and he was almost overcome by a feeling of relief. Farid was not really very heavy, but he was still unconscious so he had been a dead weight for Severus to carry, and Severus was hugely relived to be able to set the broom down at the outskirts of the village, shrink it and place it in his pocket and carry the still unconscious boy toward the inn that he had noticed close by.

The inn was held together by no more than good luck, the roof looked ready to fall in and the windows and doors were all crooked and misshapen, it was the most tumbledown building that Severus had ever seen, but it was also obviously magical, a muggle construction like this would have succumbed to gravity years before. He carried Farid inside to the fug of candlelight and chatter waiting within and as soon as he entered, everything stopped. All the occupants of the bar were staring hard at him, and a ramshackle collection they were, twisted hags. Wizened old witches and wizards and maybe even in the darkest corner a vampire or two and Severus said just one word that he hoped these Kazakhs would understand. “Werewolves.”

Farid still slept on and Severus suspected that he had a severe case of magical exhaustion. His breathing was laboured and his eyelids flickered with the dreams that were flitting behind them, the boy was whimpering now under his breath, shivering although the night was warm. But Severus sat beside him and soothed his forehead to chase away the dreams occasionally humming under his breath, songs that he had been sung as a child, and he sat up thinking that whole night long, about what had happened and what it might mean and what on earth he was going to say to Albus.

“Hi Albus, this is Farid, he’s just a little something I seemed to have picked up in the forests of Kazakhstan, he happens to be the most magically powerful child I have ever seen, the most magically powerful anything come to that, oh and did I mention that he is my slave?” Severus shivered and looked down and in the dawn light he saw that the boy was awake and that he was gazing back at Severus in confusion.

“Masteer, may thees slave seerrve dyou?” He asked, obviously unsure of where he was or what had happened,

But Severus gently placed his finger on Farid’s lips in the gesture he knew that Farid had come to trust, “hush sweetheart,” he said, “it is morning and we are safe. We got away from the werewolves thanks to you, but I think you have a little something that you forgot to tell me hhmmm?”

And Farid blushed scarlet, to the tips of his toes, causing Severus to chuckle softly and place a tender kiss on Farid’s nose.

Soon after they were sitting together with Severus propped up against the pillows holding Farid in a loving embrace, and the boy was talking, stumbling over the unfamiliar English words that he was using, telling his master everything.

“My Oncle, che chate majik, chate it much, chate me much, beat me much. When Masteerr Vampirre come and take me, I think majek bad. But soon I see lot peoples chave majek, but Farid majek much strong. Masteerr Vampirre vant strong majek to churt peoples and Farid could not allow, so che chid it, chid majek and vould tell this Masteerr…..” He stopped, unable to go on, it had taken a lot of work for Farid to come up with such a long sentence but he did not seem able to finish the story.

So Severus finished it for him, “ You were going to tell me and then I raped you, I hurt you Farid, and you did not know what to do, and when you forgave me, there was not time because the werewolves came.”

Farid was staring down at his hands, which he held clasped in his lap he nodded sadly.

“Jes Master,”

“Farid,” Severus said, look at me and he turned the boy so that they were face to face and placed a hand beneath his chin, lifting it so that Farid’s head was tilted up, slowly those glorious eyes met his and Severus saw that they were filled with tears.

“I am so proud of you,” he said, “so proud that you took such punishment, such torture as you have had to endure and yet you did not break. You let them hurt you, rape you when you could have stopped it, but at, you are right, a dreadful risk to the world. You are very powerful Farid, perhaps the most powerful wizard that I have ever seen, and I glory in your magic and your power. I will help you, train you, nurture you and love you, I am yours Farid as much as you are mine,”

But Farid looked up at him with puzzlement in his eyes, Severus had said too much, too quickly and Farid did not understand. So Severus kissed him again and said instead.

“Good boy Farid, Farid did good,” and Farid flung himself into his master’s arms and snuggled against him, and Severus found himself growing hard against the boy’s thigh. But just then there was a knock at the door, which was swiftly opened by one of the hags from the night before, she took in the sight before her on the bed, Farid sitting naked on his master’s lap and pursed her lips with disapproval.

“Jour Breakfast Sirr,” she said in a cool tone, glaring at Severus and placing a heavily laden tray on the table beside the bed.

“Thank you,” he said standing to give her a coin, she looked at the hand that held the money contemptuously and her face was twisted into a disapproving scowl. She waved her hand dismissing him and left the room as quickly as she could.

Severus sighed, he realised that he would have to get used to such treatment, or else behave very differently around Farid in public, the trouble was that he looked so young which made Severus into some evil corrupter of children rather than the dashing saviour he fancied himself to be. He picked up the tray and saw to his dismay two bowls of steaming porridge, coffee and soft sweet rolls and jam. He sighed quietly even as Farid tucked in to the meal with gusto. He disliked porridge, always had. He enjoyed the way that his slave got such pleasure from the dreadful gloopy stuff, but could not see any attraction in it himself. But Farid was gulping it down with huge pleasure evident with every mouthful that he took, finishing his bowl in moments.

Scraping the spoon along the bottom of the bowl, checking for any remainder in the obviously very empty vessel, he looked up to see his master staring at him.

“Masteerr no hungry?” he asked questioningly

And Severus smiled, “I don’t like porridge Farid,” he said and Farid smiled with that wicked green gleam in his eyes and said teasingly

“Farid help Master eat his porridge.”

“I don’t thi……” Severus began, but Farid had taken up his master’s spoon laden with porridge and started to trickle it all over his chest, the tray was gone all of a sudden, and Severus realised that Farid must have moved it magically but he was not really in any state to investigate at that moment because Farid was laying back down dribbling the creamy concoction on his torso as he reclined and Severus couldn’t help himself he followed the trails that the boy was drawing upon his body with his tongue.

Later they lay there, knowing that very soon they would have to get up and face the world. Today Severus would take Farid back to England, do a little shopping in Diagon Ally and then return to Hogwarts. He would have to teach Farid not to be so affectionate in public, would have to make him wear clothes, teach him better English, prepare him for a very different world.

Farid had no shame in what he was, he knew no different; he had been a belonging, a possession with his main purpose in life to please and entertain his master and Merlin, was he good at it. Severus knew he would never look at porridge in the same way again not after having licked it from all over Farid’s silken form, chased it with his tongue from Farid’s belly button and rimmed it from his anus. Who knew that the lumpy brew would make such a good lubrication for fucking even if it did ooze out from beneath his cock? And as he was buried deep inside his slave groaning from the sheer pleasure of it, Farid had shared what was left in the bowl by licking it, sucking it from his fingers as he was slowly fucked. His slave had been right; he thought to himself as he remembered how the boy had been quivering, begging for release just a short while earlier, till they had come together in screaming orgasm, he did like the cereal now and would have it for breakfast more often since he had learned how versatile it was.

He determined that just as he’d promised he would look after his boy, protect him, with his strange combination of innocence and corruption, fragility and strength, so he lay there kissing Farid lovingly, holding him tenderly for just a bit longer, knowing that he would have to leave this place and face the future in only a few minutes more.
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