Atalanta (lothy) wrote in slavefics,

Comment-fic challenge

This seemed to be a fairly popular idea so let's give it a try.

As usual this challenge can involve any kind of story which involves power dynamics. BDSM, slavery, employer/employee, royalty, anything you like. Both original fiction and fanfiction of any fandom can be included. Gen, het, and gay stories are all welcome.

The difference is that the entire challenge takes place within the comments of this post.

How the challenge works:

  1. Prompts are given in comments to this post.

    • Only one prompt per comment.

    • Prompts should be fairly short, and can be anything from a list of keywords (e.g. kink(s), character, fandom) to a short scenario.

    • You may post as many prompts as you like so long as they are in separate comments.

  2. People post fics in response to the prompts.

    • Responses should be in comments replying to the prompts themselves, not the overall post.

    • You can answer as many requests as you like.

    • Stories can be any length from 100 words upwards.

    • If your story is too long to fit in one comment, then either post it over several comments, or post it in a separate post and link to it from a comment.

    • The only thing not allowed is explicit depictions of children in sexual situations (which is against the rules of the community).

    • If you wish to post your story (or indeed, your prompts) anonymously, feel free.

Have fun, and any assistance in promoting this challenge would be appreciated.
Tags: comment-fic challenge, female owner, female slave, male owner, male slave, ncis, stargate atlantis, torchwood
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